Security is an asset

I help embedded software teams go from security headaches to having confidence their security is an asset.

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Security is more than just a technical decision.

Embedded development and IoT are a new level of connectivity, which means new security risks. But the requirements are often quite different to traditional IT security. Are you investing your security budget in the right place? Needlessly imposing barriers to developer productivity?
The whole chain must be coherent to invest your money at the right place. I help you look at your entire chain from planning, development, production, service until operation and even afterwards to take the right actions.

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Security is future.

Seamless embedded security is crucial to the success of your business. A lot of connected devices have software updates that are freely accessible on the Internet. Potential attackers have easier access than in the past. This fundamentally changes security requirements.

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Security needs expertise.

You can’t just buy embedded security as a tool from the outside. It takes external experts who help make security integrate as part of your internal processes. This ensures that security becomes part of your own company and can be safely expanded in the future: Security expertise must come together with insider knowledge to avoid wasting money.

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Security is good communication.

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